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Компоненты для Qt версии 4

Здесь приведен краткий обзор в настоящее время доступных Qt решений. Список будет регулярно обновляться с появлением новых компонентов и инструментов. Смотрите технический справочник для общей информации относительно того, как установить пакеты. Детальные описания каждого компонента и инструмента смотрите в списке ниже.

Accelerate your Widgets with OpenGL

by Samuel Rødal

Qt 4.4 introduced a powerful feature to allow any QWidget subclass to be put into QGraphicsView. It is now possible to embed ordinary widgets in a QGLWidget, a feature that has been missing in Qt's OpenGL support for some time. In this article, we will show how to use QGraphicsView to place widgets in a scene rendered with standard OpenGL commands.

Using Undo/Redo with Item Views

by Witold Wysota

Qt's Undo/Redo framework, introduced in Qt 4.2 makes it possible to equip application users with the means to undo changes made to documents, while providing developers with an easy to use API based on the command pattern.

Back in Form with QFormLayout

by Jasmin Blanchette

Qt 4.4 introduces a new layout manager class, QFormLayout, that can be used to create two-column forms with labels on the left and editors on the right. For such forms, QFormLayout provides several advantages over QGridLayout, including platform-awareness and a more relevant API. In this article, we will see how it works.

Serious Enquiries with XQuery

by Kavindra Devi Palaraja

Those of you who follow the progress of Qt development will have noticed the recent introduction of the QtXmlPatterns module. This module enables the use of XQuery in Qt applications, which can be used in various ways to select, extract and aggregate data in XML or similarly-structured files.

Qt Designer's New Features

by Jarek Kobus

The upcoming release of Qt 4.4 brings a multitude of new features and enhancements to the Qt libraries, but the developers of the venerable Qt Designer have also been busy. This tool for designing and building graphical user interface components has also been updated and improved in a number of areas. In this article, we'll take a brief tour of the new features and improvements you will find in Qt Designer 4.4.

Low-Level Text Layouts

One of the hidden benefits of Qt 4's rich text framework is the control it gives developers over the low-level aspects of text layout. Although initially used to advertise Qt 4's plain text formatting abilities, the classes that perform much of the heavy lifting on behalf of QTextDocument can also be put to work on other tasks. In this article, we'll see how they can make our text layouts more interesting.

On the Fast Track to Application Scripting

by Kent Hansen

With the introduction of Qt Script as a standard part of Qt in version 4.3, Qt/C++ application developers have a seamlessly integrated solution for adding scripting to their applications. Qt Script is a simple, yet powerful way of providing script authors---who don't necessarily know C++---with an interface for working in the context of your Qt application. In this article, we give an overview of the main steps that are involved when embedding Qt Script into an application, and use a small example to showcase the key techniques.