Online Transaction Processing Platform

Версия: 2.3
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Лицензия: Public Domain

Платформа обработки банковских и розничных транзакций (используется ISO 8583). Разработано с использованием ACE (Adaptive Communications Environment).

Технические характеристики:
* Multi-threaded message queuing application.
* Utilizes TCP sockets for data transport.
* Configurable ACE streams for modularity.
* Message Logging facility for tracing, debugging and problem troubleshooting.
* Internal XML format to ease application development.
* Transaction logging capability with c-tree database.
* Core processor and critical applications developed entirely in Object Oriented C++ for maximum speed.
* Stress tests have shown OLTP-Platform is capable of sustaining 10 tps (transactions per second) on a low end Windows XP workstation.
* All application code is intended to be developed independently of target Operating System.
* Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Base24 ISO 8583 compliant.
* Configurable field layouts for ISO 8583 interfaces.