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Версия: 0.2.1, 0.3-dev (Qt 4.x)
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Простой multi-document (tabbed) текстовый редактор с подсветкой синтаксиса для множества языков.

Имеются локализации для таких языков: английский, французкий, немецкий, польский, русский, испанский (не полный).

Сообщить об ошибке и по поводу запроса добавления-исправляния добропожаловать в bug tracker:

Последний релиз можно найти в SVN:

Список изменений:
Основные различия между 0.3-dev и 0.2:

  • uses QScintilla text component, therefore:
  • needs QScintilla2 component installed (may have different package name in different distros. In general, you need QScintilla component for Qt4);
  • has syntax highlightings for Bash, C++, C#, CSS, D, HTML/PHP, Java, JavaScript, IDL, Lua, Makefile, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, XML (can be customized for Bash, C++, HTML/PHP, JavaScript, Makefile, Perl, Python, Ruby, XML for now);
  • has advanced auto-indent;
  • highlights matching braces;
  • highlights the current line;
  • highlights indents;
  • has code blocks folding;
  • allows to select syntax highlighting scheme manually;
  • has one built-in icon theme, other icon themes now should be at user's home dir;
  • another format of highlighting scheme files (new schemes do not conflict with old ones and can be used in parallels);
  • restores cursor position when loading stored session (WARNING: session stored by 0.3 version CAN'T be opened by 0.2 version!)

ATTENTION: this is deeply development branch, bugs are highly possible (please report if you find some).

Version 0.2.1:

  • Fixed: markers' labels in 'Markers' menu don't update when document text was changed
  • Fixed: (Windows) sometimes wrong tab name appeared after 'Save as' action (relative or absolute file path instead of file name)
  • Fixed: (Windows) multiple asking 'what to do?' when file was modified by external program
  • Fixed: menu item 'Recent files' has an old icon when icon theme changed
  • Fixed: middle click for closing tabs doesn't work in Windows build

Version 0.2 changelog:

  • Added: line markers;
  • Added: opening of multiple files with "Open file" dialog and command line;
  • Added: using existing instance of application for opening files;
  • Added: notification of changing file by external program;
  • Added: "Recent files" menu;
  • Added: closing documents with middle-click on the corresponding tab;
  • Added: optional making a backup copy of file when saving;
  • Added: auto-saving option;
  • Added: line length indicator;
  • Added: options "Show line numbers" and "Adjust by width" for each document separately;
  • Added: session name and file name in window title;
  • Added: license to "About" dialog;
  • Added: option "Save as a copy" to "Save as" dialog;
  • Added: toolbar icons size changing;
  • Added: German, French and Spanish localizations;
  • Changed: improved response when search reaches the end or the beginning of the document;
  • Changed: new "About" dialog;

For full ChangeLog see the source package.

Лицензия: GPL