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Версия: 0.3 (Qt 4.x)
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ArchAssistant is a systray docking app that lets you have quick access to various administration aspects of the Arch Linux distro. The main feature is a gui for the Arch's network profiles system (using the netcfg command line), which is very useful for laptop users.


  • quick access to the main system files (ie rc.conf, profile, pacman.conf, xorg.conf ...) via a built-in simple text editor.
  • netcfg2 front-end : quite complete GUI for the Arch's network profile system. You can connect to, create and edit network profiles in a few clicks. ArchAssistant has an autostart functionality that lets the app connect to the first wifi network discovered upon start.
  • the pacman part has been mostly disabled (didn't work as expected).
  • collection of the most useful command lines to check system informations.
  • custom app launcher from menu
  • english, french, german translations


  • arch linux distro !
  • QT (I mean qt4)
  • netcfg2

Список изменений:
version 0.3 (Mar 24 2008):

  • added : reason of error message upon profile connection (netcfg output) is displayed in systray message.
  • added : archassistant is now aware of currently connected profiles : systray icon & tooltip are updated accordingly, even if profiles are connected/disconnected outside archassistant.
  • added : middle click systray icon shows the Arch Profile Manager dialog
  • enhanced Arch Profile Manager dialog : added copy button, disconnect button, profile connection state information
  • added : check & correct profile name syntax in profile editor and profile manager
  • updated icons
  • added german translation (thanks to n8schicht)
  • added Makefile and install script (translations are no more embedded in the binary)

version 0.2 (Mar 11 2008):

  • exclusive support for netcfg2.
  • icons updated.
  • added very simple animated systray icon while connecting.
  • double-click the systray icon launches an automatic connection.
  • added dialogs : disconnect active profiles, disconnect active network devices, settings configuration, user editable lists.
  • added new menu : Sticky Clipboard menu
  • updated & bugfixed : profile manager & profile editor dialogs.
  • updated french translation.
  • updated default user lists (system files, external commands, system files).

version 0.1 (Oct 5 2007) : initial release.

Лицензия: GPL