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Версия: 2.5.0 (Qt 4.x)
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BIG FAT ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: разработка QGRUBEditor's прекращена, но было создано новое приложение: KGRUBEditor. Он содержит точно такой функционал и многое другое. Можете в этом сами убедится.

QGRUBEditor является системным инструментом для просмотра и редактирования параметров менеджера загрузки GRUB. Он предлагает много возможностей, и это идеальное решение для тех, кто хочет изменить способ работы c GRUB, т.е. без шаманства над его конфигурационными файлами.

Как установить:
Для установки войдите в папку, в которую вы распаковали проект, и введите в консоли следующее:

sudo make install

Для более подробной информации смотрите файл INSTALL.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: QGRUBEditor зависит от:

  • gzip (gunzip)
  • grub
  • imagemagick
  • libqt4-core (>=4.3.0)
  • libqt4-gui (>=4.3.0)
  • libqt4-dev (>=4.3.0)

Список изменений:

  • ADDED: View Input now shows even the UUID of each device (and UUID is used whenever you select a kernel using Browse in the Add or Edit page)
  • ADDED: View menu.lst's raw input (as it exists in the file)
  • ADDED: New command support: Fallback
  • ADDED: Timeout, Default & Fallback are checkable (the user may or may not use them)
  • ADDED: Instead of selecting a number to set the default entry, the user may now choose from a list of names.
  • ADDED: Instead of selecting a number to set the fallback entry, the user may now choose from a list of names.
  • ADDED: Re-implemented all GRUB Settings
  • ADDED: Color Support
  • ADDED: Tools Menu
  • ADDED: Password encrypting tool.
  • ADDED: GRUB Splash Image creating tool.
  • ADDED: Toolbar custom context menu with their properties
  • ADDED: Entry custom context menu with the following actions: "Set Default", "Set Fallback"
  • ADDED: The "Auto Backup" setting
  • ADDED: What's This? Documentation
  • FIXED: Only one instance is allowed.
  • FIXED: 'lock' command is put after 'title' command as it ought to and not in the end of the entry.
  • FIXED: A bug occuring if you had the Location toolbar enabled and tried to edit some entry
  • FIXED: In the Add/Edit Page if the root of the kernel/initrd are the same automatically remove the "(hdx,x)" prefix
  • FIXED: Location Toolbar will now appear at the bottom by default.
  • REMOVED: Vector Graphics will no longer be shipped with the application
  • REMOVED: The "Smart Crop" settings
  • REMOVED: The "Toolbar Properties" settings from the settings dialog. These settings can still be accessed by right-clicking on a toolbar.
  • I18N: New translation available: Romanian (thanks to Doru)
  • I18N: Updated all translations and much, much more..

In this version we tried to implement some kind of documentation (What's This?) but although it explains all functions available on the GUI it isn't complete (doesn't documentate all parts of the application). Thus, in some of the next releases we hope to have full HTML-based documentation.

Лицензия: GPL