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Версия: 0.7.1 (PyKDE/PyQt)
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Q7Z является P7Zip графический интерфейсом для Linux, который упрощает сжатие данных и резервное копирование.

Use Q7Z if you want to:

  • Update existing archives quickly
  • Backup multiple folders to a storage location
  • Create or extract protected archives
  • Lessen effort by using archiving profiles and lists

Ark (2.6.3) is handy but it doesn't seem to:

  • Create archives with passwords
  • Extract (some) archives with passwords
  • Update existing archives by default

Q7Z is a simple application that attempts to fill these voids. It probably won't become a total archiving solution.

Requirements: Python, Qt4, PyQt4, Make, Tar, P7Zip

For installation instructions, see INSTALL.txt. If you encounter any problems, see ISSUES.txt and send me an email if necessary.

Список изменений:

  • Cron jobs: see the 'INSTALL' file for info
  • Lists: manual 'Edit' option is now available
  • Auto-exit: if operation fails when in invisible mode
  • Updating: fixed bug when proxy env variable is missing
  • Updating: no longer checks when in invisible mode
  • Invisible mode: no longer loads the QtGui module
  • Help menu: added a link to the Eric website
  • KDE 4: initial although limited support
  • Code structure: several changes

Лицензия: GPL