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Версия: 0.5.0 / 0.6.0-beta2

Kadu is a dynamically evolving instant messenger currently compatible only with the Gadu-Gadu protocol (popular in Poland). It can be run on all platforms supporting the Qt toolkit (except Windows).

Kadu offers:
* Good-looking and functional messenger
* Full Gadu-Gadu protocol compatibility
* Numerous modules! (official ones, developed by the Kadu Team, and additional, community-written ones.)
* Graphical messages
* Message encryption
* File transfer
* Voice chat
* Easy and comprehensive configuration
* Bot, spammers and annoyers protection
* Available translations: English, French, German, Italian, Polish.

* New stable Kadu version will be available soon. In the meantime we are releasing version Kadu 0.6.0-beta2. We encourage you to test it and report bugs on our forum.

* Kadu 0.5 features:
The most important changes and new features in version 0.5.0 include:
* configurable toolbars - it is possible to add and remove toolbars in main window, search window, chat window and to add new tool buttons in their areas that gives you the ability to easily configure set of most required "actions"
* new default set of emoticons on free license
* possibility to change chat window appearance - several styles are available and you can also design your own (but you should remember about limits of Qt in HTML rendering)
* possibility to put a picture as a contact list background (in chat window also, but it is an experimental feature)
* new file transfer dialog
* heavily improved docking (especially visible under GNOME)
* levels of experience in configuration dialog
* fixes and big optimalizations in displaying animated emoticons / pictures
* speedup of opening configuration dialog
* multiple speedup of reading history files
* Kadu configuration converted to XML
* very big internal changes to introduce other protocols support
* protection against not serious (you have to add attacker to contact list) DoS attack CVE-2006-0768
* a lot of other improvements, fixes, optimalizations
* independent programmers created several new modules: advanced_userlist, exec_notify, filtering, powerkadu, profiles

NOTE: When compiling from sources you need devel packages of all dependencies. Also you should edit ".config" file and enable/disable appropriate modules before "./configure"

Лицензия: GPL