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QTM is a blog management app which uses the Blogger, MetaWeblog and Movable Type APIs to submit and (in the future) edit and otherwise manage entries on a blog. Presently, however, it is possible to compose, format, preview and submit entries, in one or more categories, and edit newly submitted entries. Requires Qt 4.1 (however, due to an oversight on my part, the .gz source package requires Qt 4.2 to build; grab the source RPM if you use Qt 4.1).

This is by the same author as the Catkin application, which was a manager for Blosxom blogs. This is a fresh rewrite, using Qt 4.1 (instead of 3.3) and with the Blosxom-related parts removed. They are still in CVS, however, and may be restored in the future. The old releases are still available at Sourceforge.

Issues: Qt 4.1 text editor widgets can be slow, particularly on Mac OS X. This has improved somewhat in recent versions, but may still be noticeable when composing long articles. The same widget in version 4.2 sometimes does not update properly when adding a scroll bar when the text inside starts to exceed the size of the widget. This was a Qt bug, which was fixed in Qt 4.2.3.

Also, when quickposting multiple paragraphs from web browsers, only a single newline will appear between paragraphs, not two (i.e. a blank line). I may fix this in a patch release. Also, the "loading" taskbar entry will appear when starting QTM from the menu in KDE (but not in GNOME).

The Mac OS X binary was built using OS X Tiger, and uses Qt 4.2, which means it requires OS X 10.3.9 or Tiger. The Ubuntu Feisty binary was built using Qt 4.3, which is available in the feisty-backports repository; instructions on how to enable this are available on the Ubuntu website. I have not tried installing it on a system with only Qt 4.2.

Changelog: (21st October 2007):

Bug fix: bug in associated hosts system, by which empty associated hosts entries were trapping the // marker in URLs (and thus causing QTM to use the wrong templates) fixed.

0.5.6 (20th October 2007):

New feature: "associated hosts" in quickpost templates. The user can specify a number of hosts in a template, and when he then quickposts an article with that hostname in the URL, that template will be used.
Improvement: two new template tags: %host% (which is just the hostname of a page being blogged) and %domain% (which is %host% without the www.).
Bug fix: fixed crashes when shutting the quickpost template config window when there are no templates.
Build system: fixed relinking behaviour; no longer relinks when QDEBUG is not set (from CMake command line).

0.5.5 (6th October 2007):

Bug fix: restored compatibility with Qt 4.1 (v0.5.4 had required Qt 4.3, due to my using Qt Designer 4.3 for designing some widgets)
User interface: Added application icons for menus and the Mac OS X dock
Build system: now uses shell script to generate the X11 desktop entry file at build time, so that it specifies where exactly the executable and icons are.

0.5.4 (25th August 2007):

Security: no longer outputs passwords to the console when displaying XML-RPC listings
New feature: now stores titles and targets for auto links
New feature: ability to clear the console
Improvement: now does base 64 conversions internally, with progress dialog, rather than the old method of using Qt's built-in converter which blocked the GUI.
Bug fix: no longer outputs entire encoded file to console when uploading a file (caused crash)
Bug fix: now detects faults in file upload responses accurately and displays "406" errors on console as HTML code, not as "displayed" HTML

0.5.4 (beta 2) (1st July 2007):

New feature: Auto link, allowing a certain URL to be associated with a certain word, so that the author can highlight that word, click Auto link, and the link to that URL will appear. (Note: at the moment, it does not store the title or target.)

0.5.4-beta1 (20th June 2007):

New feature: File upload implemented. A file can be uploaded, using an XML-RPC method (metaWeblog.newMediaObject), in Base64 format. This uses a blocking base-64 converter which is part of Qt's QByteArray class, and causes the program to hang while the conversion is going on (noticeable on large files such as images). (Response to feature request from Guenter on this site.)

0.5.3 (18th June 2007):

Removed feature: Blogger support. Blogger no longer supports the APIs that QTM uses.
New feature: Abort, which stops the current network job (refresh blog or category list, blog entry posting or whatever)
New features: New variants on Paste: paste as ordered/unordered list, marked paragraphs (with tags), normal blockquotes and Markdown blockquotes, and ability to mark up a block as an ordered or unordered list.
New feature: Ability to set whether to submit a date and time or not at posting time, to avoid clock skews (problem on Wordpress and Textpattern, not on MT).
New feature: Ability to set the post's remote categories explicitly, through action "Send categories" in File menu
Build system: Fixed relinking issue at install time, in which (on sandboxed installs of Qt 4.3.0) the executable was relinked to the normal install of Qt, even if it was older than 4.3 (causing unresolved symbol errors).
Bug fix: now saves entry numbers when saving entries, so that you can reopen a posted entry and have QTM post an edit, rather than a new post.
User interface: removed (from view) the unused actions, Print and "Close and delete".

0.5.2 (20th May 2007):

(Note: a second tarball was uploaded at 2350 BST, same day as 0.5.2 release. This contains updated build script and desktop spec file, which were not present in the original.)
New feature: Drupal compatibility. This had always been mentioned in the documentation, but certain practices, such as identifying blogs and categories using Movable Type patterns which are not replicated in Drupal, were preventing Drupal compatibility. In particular, blogs in MT are the equivalent of content types in Drupal, and are identified by strings rather than numbers.
Improvement: now strips whitespaces from titles in Quickposts (Qt 4.2+)
Improvement: now always rebuilds when posting an entry to an MT blog (using mt.publishPost method)
Qt 4.3: now gives alerts when opening up windows (esp. on Mac, where the icon bounces)
Bug fix: when quitting, looks for QTM main windows specifically, rather than visible widgets in general (this was preventing quitting on Qt 4.3)
Build system: Mac users can specify non-universality with a CMake option, rather than by commenting out a line in CMakeLists.txt
Build system: Location of desktop spec file (qtm.desktop) can be specified at configure time; category list now includes X-MandrivaLinux-Internet-Other
Bug fix: menu entry to view TB ping list now works (also has Ctrl+5 shortcut) (7th May 2007):

Bug fix: fixed crash which occurred when attempting quickposts without a template

0.5.1 (6th May 2007):

User interface: the system-tray icon no longer displays on the Mac.
Instead, the same menu is displayed by double-clicking on the dock icon. A
bare-bones default main menu, with New, Open and Quit functions (the latter
displayed in the dock and application menus), appears when there is no
top-level window present on the Mac (only on Qt 4.2; this may change in
future releases).
User interface: the Abort Quick Post action in the STI menu appears (albeit
greyed out) even when it is disabled; this is to get round a bug in Qt on
the Mac
New feature: the user can now reset changes made to quickpost templates
before closing the dialog (Qt 4.2 only)
New feature: option to "treat posting as saving" - in other words, when this
is on, if you write a post and post it (draft or publish) and then try to
close the window, QTM will not ask you if you want to save it.
New feature: in Quickpost Templates (Qt 4.2), to set whether posts written
using a given template should be draft or publish (or simply to use the
default setting)
New feature: qtm.desktop file, which provides a KDE/GNOME menu entry on
platforms which support it (12th April 2007):

Compatibility: use of Qt macro which was causing compile failures in Debian Etch (due to using an outdated version of Qt with a known bug) stopped
Compatibility: Qt Designer file for main window duplicated, and Qt 4.2-specific lines deleted from duplicate, to ensure compatibility with Qt 4.1.

0.5 (25th March 2007):

Bug fix: memory leaks (undeleted dialog widgets) fixed
Bug fix: Quit (in both system tray menu and File menu) now works on Windows XP
Improvement: newlines stripped from titles of quickposted webpages

0.5.0 RC1 (19th March 2007):

User interface: New keyboard shortcuts for new, open and save in File menu,
and Mac standard Ctrl+comma for preferences is now present on all platforms
Bug fix: App now has Quit action in the main application menu, and the quit actions there and in the STI actually work (as they didn't in the beta)
Bug fix: Removed a few more references to Catkin QTM
Bug fix: Debug-related console output stopped, unless debug is specifically
enabled at CMake stage

Лицензия: GPL