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Версия: 1.0.5

openModeller is a generic framework for carrying out fundamental niche modelling experiments - typically used to predict species distribution given a set of environmental raster layers. The openModeller Desktop application builds on the openModeller library by providing a user friendly graphical user interface for carrying out niche modelling experiments. English and portuguese translations are available.

* Added experiment level summary report
* Fixed issues with text file splitter and show status when done
* Updated about window to show plugins and changelog
* Installer supports unattended install on windows (install using openModeller1.0.5.exe /S from the command prompt)
* Fixed issues with raster data format convertor
* Enabled locality fetching using \'scraper plugins\' and added GBIF Web, GBIF Rest, and speciesLink \'scrapers\'
* Fixed issue with splash screen hovering modally over firstrun wizard on mac
* You can now export samples as TAB delimited or CSV delimited text
* Don\'t smooth images when resampling
* Added support for new (mandatory) locality id\'s in openModeller library
* Fixed issues with window modality (various dialogs)
* Fix for [ 1636820 ] oM Desktop: Interface unresponsvive during experiment run.
* Fixed bug where ascii export was getting rounded to integers
* Handle missing qgis vector data providers more gracefully
* Double clicking on an item int eh experemient selector will cause it to be loaded
* By Popular request, store the experiment outputs in a folder with a human readable name.
* Fix for [ 1636715 ] oM Desktop: Display output format details in options dialog
* Fix for [ 1636825 ] oM Desktop: Select a mask for layers its not default
* Fixed bug [ 1636706 ] openModeller Desktop: generated ascii raster files headers incorrect
* Add new localities options gui - to support modelling with multiple locality files in one directory
* Fixed bug [ 1642350 ] File format filter missing in export image
* Fix for bug [ 1639715 ] Splash windows go to the limbo
* Show alg name after species name in progress dialog (fixes [ 1682407 ] om Desktop: Progress windows should show alg next to sp name)
* Added some better error handling for aborted models. openModeller Desktop is now much less prone to crashing when a problem occurs in the library.
* Fixed support for building on Mac OSX
* Implemented new build system using CMake
* Cleanups and improvments to windows installer to support on demand downloading of sample data and various other improvements.

Лицензия: GPL