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Версия: 0.3

CdFly это кроссплатформенный менеджер CD колекций написанный на С++ использующий qt4 от и сохраняет данный в БД sqlite3. Программа предназначена для работы (по крайней мере) под Linux, Mac OS X и Windows.

Added french, hebrew, russian and turkish translations
Fixed a bug relative to an update in the qt libraries.
Added support for automatic label detection also in windows.
A couple of bug fixes and tweaks.

Added support for /usr/share/cdfly translations path in unix systems
Linux auto-mount & cd label detection
Fix for bugs #1449465 and #1445160
Thumbnails support for image files.
A restructured user interface.
The location area has been moved to a toolbar.
Rename capability has been added to CDs and files.
There is a progress dialog for CD deletion.
The progress dialog shows ETA and elapsed time.
The ability to put a search in the background has been added.

Fixed: windows crashes (stupid windows!!)
The treeView has been removed to speed-up collections loading times
Reduced height of the file list elements
Added option to prevent use of regular expressions in find dialog (regexp searches are much slower)
Added italian translation
The file list is no longer re-filled if the path requested id the same as the current one
The splitter (cd list) width is now being saved

Лицензия: GPL