Qt Eclipse Integration Delivers True Cross-Platform Development

A new common ground for creating rich desktop applications with C++ or Java

Oslo, 25 September - 2007 - Trolltech® is pleased to announce that it has integrated Qt, its flagship C++ based cross-platform development framework, with the popular Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The C++ integration augments the integration currently available for Qt Jambi – a version of Qt for Java development.

Qt’s support for both C++ and Java development means the integration of Qt into the Eclipse IDE unites the two leading languages for rich-client application development, creating an easy-to-use, cross language environment.

“There is a natural match between Eclipse and Qt in providing powerful tools for cross-platform development,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “This integration gives developers using C++ with Eclipse an exciting new rich-client development framework to work with.”

Trolltech joined the Eclipse Foundation in June.

Greater productivity and a clear transition path
Developers using Eclipse now have access to Qt’s easy-to-learn API and productivity-enhancing development tools, including project and resource editors, build and debugging tools, task wizards and the Qt Designer tool for rapidly building graphical user interfaces. In addition, Qt developers now benefit from Eclipse’s open source, cross-platform IDE.

“Most large development teams work with multiple programming languages, and the Qt-Eclipse integration will give them the freedom to collaborate and seamlessly integrate C++ and Java code and skills,” said Naren Karattup, Trolltech’s Product Director, Development Tools. “Furthermore, the integration provides developers with a robust, cross-platform toolchain for creating cross-platform applications.”

Today’s announcement builds on the recent introduction of Qt Jambi, Trolltech’s cross-platform, rich client application development framework for Java.

Qt – Eclipse integration is built on top of Eclipse’s C++ Development Tooling project (CDT), which acts as a platform for other software companies to provide useful tools for C++ developers that are also working in a Java environment.

The CDT platform is constantly evolving and expanding, and from now on, developers working with Qt will also reap the benefits.

This integration plug-in is available—free of charge—on Trolltech’s distribution servers, here.

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